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Thakali Kitchen

Thakali Kitchen    

Among the numerous food items available in Nepal, Thakali Kitchen has become the most popular kitchen in Pokhara at the moment. Thak area located in the northen part of Nepal is its main origin. Food items consumed daily by the people of Thakali caste within Nepalese community residing in Himalayan and hilly regions are becoming famous as they are very delicious, rich and healthy. Thakali kitchen is not new, it has an age-old history. Mainly Dhido (poridge) of buckwheat, chicken curry, radish pickle, soyabeans, Gundruk (dried green leaves), pure ghee, tomato paste etc are included in the Thakali kitchen. Not only that, items like dried meat of Yak or Chauri, stirred salty tea, local wine of millet, apple brand are also included into Thakali kitchen. The items which were only eaten by the particular community as the need in earlier days have now been expanded widely. This item has been successful to draw the heart of customers from different nooks and corners of Nepal as well as cities including that of Nepal Europe, America and Australia surpassing the particular Thak region. Pokhara valley is also a famous city for Thakali kitchen. There has been a large group of people eating Dhido, Sukuti (dried meat) & local wine inside Thakali kitchen. Thakali kitchen has also sufficiently attracted the attention of not only local customers but also other domestic as well as foreign tourists in this valley.
Any customer whoever goes to a pure Thakali kitchen, shall be compelled to repeat going there again and again. Hospitality and service to customers offered by Thakali sisters among Nepalese ethnicities has been praised not only within the country but also in the world.

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