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                                                                            RATNA MAN GURUNG

                                                 Founder Principal, Tops Higher Secondary School

                                                                      Pokhara-10, Ramghat, Kaski

Ratna Man Gurung, the Founder Principal Tops Higher Secondary School, one of the most noted private institutions in Kaski district, is a man of multiple talents. From government job to the non government sector to running a boarding school, he has demonstrated his skill in many fields and positions. He is one of the emerging personalities in the educational field of Kaski district.

Born on 15th Asar, 2008 BS in Karapu VDC of Lamjung his schppl education from Karapu  Kaleng Majuwa Primary School, Karapu; Janajyoti Higher Secondary School, Kalikasthan, Kaski and Rastriya Higher Secondary School, Pokhara, Kaski and Isaneswar High School, Bhorletar, Lamjung. Upon the completion of his intermediate degree from Lamjung Inter College, he moved to Kathmandu for further studies. He has done a double master degree: MA in Economics from Mahendra Ratna Campus, Tahachal, Kathmandu.

Started his career from the government job as a section officer at CBS,Nepal in 1982, Mr, Gurung also worked as a research assistant at the National Planning Commission / Task Force on Migration for six months. As he wanted to dedicate his entire life to educating children, he chose teaching field and started his teaching career at Vishwa Niketan High School, Kathmandu as an English teacher. During his teaching period at Vishwa Niketan, he also got a chance to work as a language trainer in the Peace Corps Nepali. Having taught at Vishwa Nikatan for 3 years, he joined Nepal Police School, Sanga, Kavre as an English teacher. He also got a chance to work there as a vice-principal.

Having thought of doing something in his own hometown, he came back to Pokhara and joined Mount Annapurna Higher Secondary School in 1993 AD as the Principal. He had been observing that a lot of students from Pokhara and other nearby areas were moving either to Kathmandu or to India in pursuit of quality education. He wanted to start a good educational inPokhara that would convince students that good quality education was achievable even in Pokhara. With this purpose in mind, he astablished Tops Higher Secondary School at Ramghat in Pokhara in 1993 AD. The school has made a significant progress and has been successful in creating the school eith an established name in the whole western region. At Tops, he has helped foster a teacher friendly environment where teachers are regularly provided training and has encouraged participating in various measures to improve the school’s quality. The school’s stakeholders compliment his cooperative nature and collective leadership where he encourages an active team spirit. Now the school has its own excellent infrastructure. Mr. Gurung has not only focused on producing good students; has also placed great emphasis on the quality of teachers and the support given them.

Mr. Gurung is very active socially and is involved in various organizations too. He is the former chairman of NELTA Pokhara and PABSON Kaski. He has participated in dozens of trainings and conferences. He has gained good knowledge visiting Australia, America, UK, Singapoore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, etc. His skill and experience will definitely be innovative and rewarding to the educational institutions.



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