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Kulmandan Shah

Kulmandan Shah

In the history of Nepal, there were many petty states prior its unification or 250 years ago.  They were termed as Baise-Chaubise Rajya (22-24 states) in prevailing language. At that time, there were 24 states in Gandaki region and Kaski was one among those twenty four states. Kulmandan Shah was the first king of Kaski, or it is considered that he established Kaski state in the history of Chaubise Rajya. History states that earlier some ethnic groups were ruling over a limited area as per their capacity.

It seems that Kulmandan Shah established Kaski as a greater state. Although there is no fixed evidence, there are different logics presented on his real identity. However, it is strongly depicted in the pages of history that rulers of Shah Dynasty in Delhi, India had given him title of Shah. Therefore, it is believed that Shah Dynasty prospered from him in Nepal. Rulers of different sections of ages Narabhupal Shah, Yashobrahma Shah, Dravya Shah, Prithvi Narayan Shah are the offspring of same Kulmandan Shah. He had 7 numbers of sons. His sons and grandsons had ruled over Kaski, Lamjung, Gorkha. For the development of Kaski and Pokhara, Kulmandan Shah had brought skilled artisans, traders of Newar community from Kathmandu valley whereas Pahari from Jumla for worshipping in temples. It is found that he had special contribution in the construction and arrangement of different temples and trusts.

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