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Jhalak Thapa

Jhalak Thapa

            Jhalak Thapa was born on 1st Bhadra, 2001 at Bhatbhateni of Kathmandu. He is a tourism specialist. He is a resident of capital city by birth but his workplace became Pokhara. He spent his childhood and youth age in Kathmandu. He has been in Pokhara since 1960 A.D. He has been doing various activities in tourism sector since his arrival time in Pokhara. He has travelled different areas by making plan to Annapurna trekking area of western Nepal. On the way to trekking, he reached to Mustang palace and had met with King Parwal Bista. By trekking, he has a fond of studying vegetation, birds, fish, trees, festivals, men, human culture and religion of Himalayan and Hilly region.

Jhalak Thapa became a tourism businessman also. He conducted a business”Pokhara Penny Trek” for the first time in Nepal to travel the tourists riding on horse in the hilly and himalayan region. It became a new and romantic (interesting) occupation in the field of trekking. Infact, Jhalak Thapa is one of the nationalistic figure having nationalism who loves his country, land and own heritages from very closely. He is known as the leading figure of tourism sector. Moreover, he observes anything with deep concerned and he has clear thoughts. He has been doing great struggle to preserve and promote natural heritages. He has full- fledged devotion to preserve the purity of Machhapuchre Himalaya. He is an expert of Nepalese eldest citizens, inns, old chautari(platform), cottage food item, temple, chaitya, artist, birds, fish-keeping etc. He has contributed a lot, in the establishment of the International Mountain Museum located at Gharipatan, Pokhara. His name is attached with the tourism area while talking about it. By giving training to the pigeons, he made them postman to deliver the news of tourists from every nook and corner of villages upto Pokhara. That was very useful and successful at that time.

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