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George John

George John

            George John was born on 13th Bhadra 1989 at Tirubitam Kur state of South Kerala, India. By birth he is an Indian but fortune made him Nepalese. After completed his bachelor level, he came to Kathmandu with his friends for travel. He liked Nepal very much. He passed his MA in English literature in 2016 B.S. from National College Kathmandu affiliated by Patna University of India. While reading in Kathmandu, he used to teach tuition class. One day, Bimal Bahadur Thapa (teacher of Soldiers Board School) proposed him to teach in college which is going to be establishing in Pokhara where there is no college currently. After his position response, Bimal Bahadur Thapa reached Pokhara to arrange necessity. At that time his fortune land is Kathmandu though he is familiar with Pokhara. In 2013 B.S. he came to Pokhara to travel with his friends. He was attracted by its natural beauty within one day trip of Pokhara.

He got a letter signature by Shiva Bahadur Thapa; the management secretary of proposed Prithvi Narayan Inter College on 2nd Bhadra 2017 B.S. In this letter, there was mentioned his salary Rs. 350 and his post as Principal cum lecturer of proposed Prithvi Narayan Inter College. It was very difficult to him to take decision due to his busy life in Kathmandu. At that time he used to earn 2700 per month but he left Kathmandu and he is ready to work in Pokhara in Rs. 350 per month and he came to Pokhara for 25 weeks in the beginning. As being the principal, he got worried seeing the present condition of campus where there was no basic requirement for college however he hasn’t left Pokhara. He used to teach sometime in Kanya School Nadipur and sometime in open place of Narayanthan in the name of Prithvi Narayan Inter College. At that time, his achievement was only struggle for struggle. Achievement was only problem and challenge but he never defeted. He never got depressed. He fulfilled his duty honestly. He never expected of fruit. In this situation, he struggled, got problem and challenges but never got depressed as getting offensive word, scolded and biting. As a result, in the field of higher education, Pokharali people named him as best guru, dutiful guru, honest guru for his respect. In the beginning, without name and address this Prithvi Narayan Inter College was conducted by 2-4 students but now it is known as the largest Prithvi Narayan Multiple College having 13 thousand students. He has offered his whole life in Pokhara as he came here only for 25 weeks in the beginning.

Now, he is called the guru of all gurus. According to the greatest literary writer Sharubhakta, his ‘Modern Pramothis’ spread the light of higher education in entire western area. Simple life, polite speaking and intellectual personality are his property. He not only became the guru of education but also the behavioral guru of thousand people. He has become guru of moral and honesty for lakhs people. In fact, he has become dear guru by his behavioral, characteristics, honesty and moral ability, rather than by educational capacity. Thus, George John is immortal, non-disappointed and memorable guru forever.

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