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Festival & events in pokhara

Rice Plantation Festival
Nepal is primarily an agricultural country. Rice plantation festival has flourished along with the traditional culture based on agriculture .For the last Sevan years, tourism traders of Pokhara have been celebrating the rice plantation ceremony as a festive occasion. ‘Pokhara on all seasons’ has been the main motto of this festival. On this festive occasion tourists from within and outside the country enjoy playing on the mud-fields made ready for planting the rice . This festival invariably falls on the 15th of Asad (according ,on the 29th of June) every year.
The Nepalese people have established a tradition enjoying beaten-rice with the curd, singing an ‘Asade-song’ and planting rice together, playing with the mud (throwing mud against) each other and recreating themselves) Asad festival has been synonymous to all these traditional practices. Activities like tourists participating in a running race on the mud have added a peculiar cham to this festival. 15th Asad has been regarded a day in which an individual worker having ‘a Mano of rice’ producers worth of ‘a Muri of Com’. As it has been an established social practice, even the rich and the elite do enjoy taking part in playing mud with the workers. This is not only a social practice but also has proved scientific for the human health.
It helps them to develop spiritual type of love for the soil. This festival keeps special importance for the urban children as it makes them familiar with the system of cultivation and the agricultural life of the innocent farmers. This festival has provided a vivid chance for the foreigners to have a direct observation and study about the traditional practices and cultivation system of Nepal.



Paragliding Compitition



New concepts of tourism have come into the forefront replacing the traditional ones in Nepal. As an adventurous game, paragliding competition has been conducted so as to familiarize the natural city of Pokhara in the world tourism market. This game has become an alternative means of entertainment for all tourists coming to Nepal. Trekking agencies association, regional chapter Pokhara has regularly conducted this competition for the last eight years. The competition begins from 19th Janauary and continuous for five days year. More than a hundred pilots from 25 countries have been participating in this competition. During the 5 days’ competition, various reciprocal folk-songs followed by dances exhibiting the Nepalese art and culture are being held for the sole enjoyment of tourists .Being charmed with the natural scene of Machhapuchhre and Phewa lake while soaring over the whole of Pokhara valley, pilots share an incomparable delight from the paragliding sports, and thus it become an unforgotable event for them all. The combination of attractive scenes has further increased the tourism charm in Pokhara. Pokhara flight (flying in
Pokhara) belongs to one of the hot-spots for paragliding in the world .It had got its own characteristic. Sarangkot belongs to a grate height of rural area. Flying from such a height, the pilots and passengers can descend down to the urban area of the lake side of Phewatal. Similarly, other surrounding places of Pokhara like , Tato Pani ,Korchan, at the bottom of Machapuchhre, Mattikhan between the borders of kaski and Syangja, Bandipur of Tanahun, and Shreenagar of Palpa are significant spots for paragliding flights. due to the geographical and natural accessibility, Pokhara has become a suitable ground for providing training to the novice pilots.





Changachet is a traditional and cultural game of Nepal. This game is played at the end of summer(rainy season) and the beginning of autumn so as to signal the notion that the time of plenty has just started. Changachet is regarded as the symbol of bright weather, sunny days and cheerful heart. It is an attractive game for children, and youths. Every year regional hotel asscoation-Pokhara conducts the competition and provides entertainment to the tourists. The competition which is held in Fulbari Hotel attracts crowds of nepali, spectators, tourists and their children. A number of kites that are made of coloured prices of paper are flown in the sky. Soaring higher and still higher, each of the competitors tries to win the competition. This competitive game is taken more as a game of pleasure and delight rather than an adventurous one.



 Street Festival
Closely following the period of English new year, Restaurant and Bar Association, Pokhara has established a tradition to celebrate the ‘street Festival’ .Organized with various programs, every year this festival begins from 28th ,December to 1st January. This festival has been proved as an important event for the enhancement of tourism trade of Pokhara. This festival is being held at lake-side which is the tourism center of Pokhara. During this festival, about 3 km road is completely blocked for the taffics from 12 A.M to 12 P.M So that tourists from Nepal and abroad can enjoy themselves living, enjoying and having their food in the street. In such a dealing and performance, tourists get not only the tourism-related information, they also get a unique sort of pleasure out of those temporarily established street Restaurants. In order for providing entertainment to tourists, folk-dance and folk-songs followed by the culture, art and dresses of various indigenous communities are displayed on the same occasion. Elephant riding, horse-riding, boating race, tourists-race etc. are the other attractions of the festival. at that time, tourism business people also extend their co-operation and get united for the effective preparation of the festival. It being the period of Christmas festival too, most of the tourist are found delighted sharing the happy occasion of mary christmas festival.. Not only that, the Nepalaese people too join the tourists sharing the happy occasion of new year and marry Christmas festival. Virtually, the whole of lakeside area seems to be crowed flow the tourists, the hotels have to be reserved for them three months before this festival.




 Phewa Festival
On the happy occasion of Nepalese New year, Pokhara hotel association has been conducting Phewa festival. Every year from 24th Chaitra to 2nd Baishakh, (7th April to 15th April) this festival is held at the Champian Chowk located by the side of Phewa tal. During this festival, there are more than 100 stalls. During the festival, the foreign tourists observe how Nepalese people celebrate their new year. Observing the Nepalese art and culture, the tourists participate dancing in tune with the Nepalese reciprocal song and enjoy the festival most. The tourists are lured towards buying and selling of Nepalese handicrafts, architectural and agricultural goods. varieties of Nepalese food deliciously displayed on the occasion have added another Charm to the tourists. The tourists feel happy observing the way in which the Nepalese people exchange their wishes to themselves on the eve of their happy new year.



 Annapurna International

As a Part of the ‘Jaun Hai Pokhara'(Let’s go to Pokhara) campaign started by RHAN in the year 2004, RHAN Pokhara came up with a unique festival with in international theme, the festival was appropriately named Annapurna International Food Festival as a tribute to goddess Annapurna, the goddess of
food, and the festival equally aimed to bring about abundant food and happiness to every one.

This festival was indeed a continuation of’ Jaun Hai Pokhara’ campaign though different in its modusoperandi, this food festival also aimed in promoting Pokhara as a tourist destination and it was one of the many efforts to promote the domestic as well as international tourism. Along with these main reasons, this was also a conscious effort to bring change in the mundane indigenous food culture by introducing exotic dishes from other countries and making the locals aware of the varied food culture found in the world at affordable rate.
The first ever of its kind in Pokhara, the event of its kind in Pokhara, the event was a major high light everywhere. It was held on the auspicious occasion of Vijay Dhashami at Komagane park Lakeside.
The 1st Annapurna International food festival took off with much pomp and grandeur on the 14th October with Ambassadors from seven different countries and various regional dignitaries gracing the inaugural ceremony.
Komagane park, lying in the lap of Phewa lake turned into a gourmet’s paradise with many colorful tent houses, displaying many relishing delicacies from different countries.

The major triumphal of the function was when the ambassadors declared Nepal a ‘ Safe Tourist Destination’. some even went to the extent of promising to spread the same message to their home countries found our country’s physiographic spell bounding and wishes for an eternal peace in the country and for our tourism to flourish other than its culinary attraction.

 National Industrial Business Festival

राष्ट्रिय औद्योगिक तथा व्यापार मेला पश्चिमाञ्चल क्षेत्रकै एउटा महइभ्वपूर्ण मेलाको रुपमा प्रख्यात रहेको

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