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                “Dedicated to improving the world one woman at a time”


EWN- Her Story

Empowering Women of Nepal-EWN is a non Government Organization Registered in 1999 under the Social Organization Act 2034 of the Nepal Government. It was founded by three Nepali sisters Lucky, Dicky and Nicky Chhetri, pioneers in the promotion of female trekking guides in the Himalays. Their focused goal is to improve the lives of disadavantaged women in Nepal in cooperation with 3 sisters Adventure Trekking (P) Company in Pokhara, Nepal.

“EWN and 3 sisters Adventure Trekking work in partnership to promote and empower women through adventure tourism. Together we combine practical training programs skill –based with gainful employment opportunities. Our goal is to encourage our fellow Nepali sisters to become self-supportive, independent, dicition-making women.”

“Feel I Have been Let out of my prison. For the first time in my life, I have the freedom to live how I choose.”Trainee Guide




  • Basic/Advanced Trekking Guide Training.
  • Mobile Training in West Nepal.
  • Micro Loan
  • Education & shelter for girls rescued from domestic child labor.



  • Leadership
  • Ecotourism
  • Trekking Information
  • History & Geography
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Health & Hygiene Awareness
  • Conversational English
  • Culture & Religion
  • Flora and Fauna
  • First Aid & Emergency Procedures

“Give a woman a fish and she will eat for a day.

Teach a woman to fish and she will eat for a life time.”

Visit Karnali to Experience West Nepal!


Tourism can be instrumental in conserving Nepal’s biodiversity and Culture. The indefinite biodiversity of Nepal Along with the associated natural and cultural features can be perpetuated through the establishment of new trekking areas. Ecotourism plans can be developed for protected/new areas which will funds for conservation and development. Tourism also offers an opportunity to improve the necessary infrastructure, e.g. schools, hospitals, etc.


EWN has initiated research and consultation on the inter-relationship of tourism and poverty with an awareness program “Women’s Initiation in Ecotourism” in Karnali, West Nepal.



Child Labor Rescue Program


  • To provide education
  • To discourage child labor, slavery and exploitation.
  • To provide a healthy atmosphere
  • To give better hope for the future
  • To uplift the social status of children



“Thanks to our guide we came into contach with local women, with whom you normally are not

able to communicate with as a foreigner”



How for have we come?

EWN & 3 sisters have paved a newpath for women in trekking in this male-dominated industry in Nepal. Over the years, we have successfully established women as professional Trekking Guides and ensured their future in the in dustry.
Due to the high demand for training, EWN plans to expand its facilities wits the creation of a new Adventure Tourism training center for women. Through grants & awards  from National Geographic & Nike with Ashoka’s Chsngemakers, Women Win & private donations, we are able to continue moving forward to provide rural Nepalese women with empowerment & independence.


How can you help?

Come for a trek in the Himalayas where you will experience the awesome land scapes and friendly cuitures with a trekking guide and porter trained at EWN. This will not only give you the experience of a lifetime but it will also support the program by giving the women valuable field experience.

Empowering Women of Nepal – EWN

Lakeside, Khahare Pokhara-6

Post Box #284

Tel +977(61) 462231

Res +977(61) 462912




3 Sisters Adventure trekking(P) Ltd.

Lakeside, Khahare                Fax +977(61)461749

Pokhara-6                             Tel. +977(61)462066/465515

Post box# 284             

“Donations & Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated.”

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