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Dr. Radhe Shyam Kayastha

Dr. Radhe Shyam Kayastha
Founder Principal
New Galaxy Higher Secondary School
POkhara, Kaski

Dr. Radhe Shyam Kayastha is a leading figurehead of education in Pokhara. A very learned and erudite person, Dr. Kayastha holds a passion for education and has spent his entire career molding students into proficient professionals.
Dr. Kayastha was born on 6th Kartik, 2000 BS in Pokhara-9, Mahendrapul, Kaski. He started his education at Rastriya Higher Secondary School in Pokhara. Having received education upto grade eight he moved to Kathmandu for further studies and admitted to JP High School in Chhetrapati, Kathmandu, from where he completed his SLC in 2016 BS. He did his I. Sc. From public Science College (Amrit Science College), B.Sc. from Tri-Chandra College, Botany from Tribhuvan University and Ph.D. from Patna University, India. He was the second batch of students to pass out from TU College.
During the time of studying his I.Sc. degree, he went to his own hometown Pokhara for spending his winter vacation. during that period he got a chance to teach at Rastriya Higher Secondary School, that was his new experience in teaching. “the more I did teaching, the more interested I become in this profession “, he adds. He enjoyed teaching at several schools. His real teaching career started in 2026 BS when he joined PN Campus. He has spent 37 years of teaching, working as a lecturer to the HEAD OF Department to the Assistant Campous Chief. His active role in every committee of designing th e curriculum from I.Sc. to M.Sc. levels was very crucial.
Dr. Kayastha, a multi-talented persona, started a number of social organizations and activities. A particular achievement that he boasts is the establishment of chess as a nationally recognized game. Though he knew nothing about the game, he tought himself by reading books from the British Library in Pokhara. He was the manager of the Chess Committee. He is involved in dozens of social organizations. He is the founder director of Pokhara Jaycees, founder president of Private Association of Higher Secondary School Kaski and past member to chairman in several organizations. He has been awaeded by various organizations for his contribution in education.
After the newly fromed democratic Nepal in 2046 BS, the private sector in Pokhara demanded a campus. Mount Annapurna Campus was established under his chairmanship and after four months, he became the Principal from 1990 to 2000 AD. His retirement, thereafter, came in response to a policy change by Tribhuvan University, after which Kayastha returned to being a full time science professor.
Dr. Kayastha advises to teachers to be more student-oriented as he has gained good knowledge during his stay in Japan. He taught at a Japanese Universityt as a part of an exchang program. He claims that Japanese teachers often come together to discuss on teaching methods and classroom management, where Nepali teachers are not action oriented, they do not implement ideas.
Dr. Kayastha also founded New Galaxy School in 2000 AD. He in the founder principal of this school. It has been running classes from Nursery to Grade XII. It offers plus two program in Science and Management. Currently, about 500 students are studying here. Raju Kayastha, son of Dr. Kayastha is handling the school as the founder director.

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