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Dol Raj Pandey is a notable figure in the field of Education in western region. Now, he is the Principal School, which was started as Srijana Boarding School in 2049. There were only 115 students in Nursery to grade 3 in its inception time. Currently, it is an acadents. The school is running classes for Nursery to grade 12.
Mr Pandey, who was born in Pindikhola-3, Syangja, and attended Narodaya HSS for school education, now has held degree in Economics, Political Science and Sociology. He has also abtained Bachelor Degree in Law. Besides his academic degrees that prove his competence, he has wide and varied experience to justify his worth in the academic arena. He began his SLC. “It was a great honor and a blissful moment for me gatting such a wonderful opportunity in such a young age. I enjoyed the moment very much. I also developed an attitude of teaching during that period. In other sense, passion of teaching got enlightened in my mind and heart from that volunteering opportunity”, shares Mr Dol Raj Pandey. Mr Pandey moved to Bagling to teach at Sigana High School after the completion of I Sc. He was so amicable in nature, which made him popular amongst students and teachers in short time. After completing an academic year, he went to Parbat to teach Science in Nirman Janasewa High School, and spent an academic year three too. His thirst for higher studies pulled him back to POkhara again.
He joined Bachelor level at PN Campus and continued his teaching Boarding School provided him space while he was studying at PN Campus. He served there as a faithful, sincere and hardworking teacher until he established his own School i.e. the Srijana Boarding School in 2049. Mr Pandey tried this and that during his college life. This was because of his ambitious youthful hue and enthusiasm. While he was still studying and teaching in Pokhara, he was even attracted to business. His motivation to business urged him start a sweet shop in Mahendrapool. Utilizing his social networks and relation with different Boarding Schools, Mr Pandey’s sweet shop supplied lunch and Tiffin to 10 Boarding Schools of the surroundling area. Only this this didn’t satisfy Mr Pandey’s thirst of business. So, he started a fancy shop in Bishal Bazar selling his sweet shop after a year. Eventually, Mr Pandey found his cup of tea, which was school, not sweet or fancy shop. He has been very much successful in leading the school.
Mr Pandey has contributed in different comminutes of education related organizations. Now, he is a member of Advisory Board of HISSAN, Kaski committee. Before this, he was a secretary of PABSON Kaski Committee in 2052. He also represented in PABSON from 2064 to 2066.

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