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Dashain Festival

Dashain Festival

Dashain is a special festival for followers of Hindu religion in Nepal. It is the longest and greatest festival among the festivals celebrated in Nepal. Hence, Nepal Government has been providing particular recognition to it. This festival is celebrated mainly for ten days. Therefore this festival is also called Vijaya Dashami. It is the festival marking victory of truth over untruth. Generally nine numbers of Goddess Durga are worshipped during Dashain. There is a tradition of observing this festival sharing happiness as Goddess Durga Bhawani killed demon Mahisasur and Lord Ramchandra assassinated Ravan.

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During Dashain, devotees perform rituals and offerings at different temples of Gods and Goddesses on Kalratri. There is also a practice of sacrificing animals like goat, hen by the devotees going to the temples of one’s adorable goddess. There have been maximum fairs and festivals throughout the country in Dashain.
There is custom of receiving blessings with Tika from the hands of one’s seniors and honorable persons on the tenth day or main day of Vijaya Dashami. There is distinct significance of Dashain festival as the great occasion for the reason of having sweets, accepting Tika from respectable ones, visiting relatives and putting on new clothes

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