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The 14th day of Poush, 2023 had brought an ample of happiness in the family of Chinu Ranabhat. A person, who was born on that day in Thumakodanda, Kaski embraced achievements one after another thoroughly. After completing I.L., and subsequent level of Bachelor’s in Law from Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, his potential fried his enthusiasm further and he went on to attent PN Campus again to join M.A. in Socialogy as a continuation of his higher stadies.

As a young struggling man, Mr. Ranabhat’s  curiosity prompted early interests in the education field; as a matter of consequence, he solidified his potential as a real challenge to have been a lucrative business at that time. Because of very limited number of private English schools, it brought a perfect blend to this initiation. Furthermore, a circle of his close friend also interested him to open a school. Despite the face that this business was very challenging at first, he founded the school, named Fishtail Boarding School in 2051 in his sole proprietary. The school that commenced with the number of only 70 students from Nursery to grade two, it has autonomously surged up to admit around 1000 pupils recsoning from Nursery to grade 12 very soon. The school now offers course of Management Stream for interested students. In addition, every year the school is able to retain its legacy by embracing 100% SLC results – maintaining equilibrium between quality education and increasing a large number od prospective leaders.

As a consequence, about 500 SLC graduates have experienced the taste of competitive and pragmatic curriculum of the school so far. Thus, the school proved itself to belong to the topmost position in the district level and ranked 4th position amid many schools in the Western Region. His talent and devotion to his work not only made him a renowned person in the district but also his institution received a commercial boost in a very short time.

Not long after that, Mr. Ranabhat made a remarkable breakthrough that would bring him both fame and fortune. Thus, Mr. Ranabhat is the president of the PABSON Kaski. There  are 100 peivate English school as members of PABSON Kaski that have been scrutinized under his scrupulous guidance. Now, the exact number of students under the umbrella of PABSON is around 70000 studying from Nursery to grade ten. This lucid number of students belonging to PABSON-Kaski has reinforced the union to be a leading district in education as per the SLC results. This year also about, 4000 students of PABSON member school in Kaski have appeared in the SLC exams to open the padlock of lron Gate.

Upon a question,” What are the motives behind this success”Mr. Ranabhat univeils the rscret of this attainment. “PABSON-Kaski often facilitates leadership trainin g programmes to culminate leadership skill of founders/ principals of private school in a timely manner”/ says Ranabhat.

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