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Capt. Min Bahadur Gurung

Late Captain Min Bahadur Gurung

            Captain Min Bahadur Gurung was born on 11th shrawan 1990 B.S. at Bhadure Tamagi of Kaski district. He spent around 16 years in his village. He was admitted to British Army in his young age. He showed his bravery and activeness on different occasion during his service. He got ‘British Empire Medal’ from British Government by showing his bravery against communist leader Mahotsetung’s troops. He retired from the job after around 18 years but even he hasn’t lived doing nothing as others former retired army. He conducted singing, dancing programme, when he returned Nepal influenced by paying ticket in singing, dancing and other cultural programme during his service. He established an organization ‘Danphe Kala Mandir’ to perform racial dances of village.  In the beginning, from where he used to show Gurung dance like Saalaijo, Sorathi, Jhyaure. Similarly, he showed photographs of sceneries through projector taken in Brunai, Hongkong. His business runs smoothly. As a result, he showed various dances like Newari, Bhojpuri, Maithili, Brahmin, Chhetri, etc. At that time, Danphekala Mandir became famous all over. After that he showed Nepalese cultural dances in Tansen, Butwal, Kathmandu, Dharan, Biratnagar, Narayanghat and other cities. His fame is not limited only his native country but its expansion of foreign country, his team reached to several countries.

By caste captain Min Bahadur Gurung a solider but he can be considered as the greatest cultural person if we observe his deep concern about cultural awareness and art. He contributed a lot indirectly in Nepali folk art and cultural sector as he conducted it as a profession. Several famous actors of Nepal are the products of his contribution. Not only run his business smoothly but also helps to gave birth to the several actors when he conducted the Danphe Kala Mandir. Moreover, Pokhrali people, got opportunities to observe Darjiling, Kathmandu, literature of national and international, art and culture living in Pokhara. That gave much support to whole Pokhara as fertile land of literature, art and culture. He is also a business man of art. He used to collect and research new information visiting villages. Specially, he reached to several places at festival, occasion and Jatra festival and performed something. He has prepared and sent pie chart of Nepali costumes, dance, tradition, recipes, lifestyle throughout Nepal and foreign countries. It is his great contribution by which thousand- lakh both native and foreign people have engaged. In addition to these, Royal family of Nepal, Chief of foreign nation diplomatic and political figures are attracted by his performance. He has not got only native and foreign money, love and affection but also has got several respect and prizes.

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