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Academician Tirtha Shrestha

Academician Tirtha Shrestha

            Poet Tirtha Shrestha was born in 2016 B.S. is one of the known (renown) figures in Nepali epic sectors. He is not only a poet but also a sociable and cultural figure. Mainly he became famous as poet and literary figure. He has published two books as book writer. They are ‘Tirtha Shrestha’s poems’ and Jindagiko Kurukshetra. He composes the poems of life, land and situation. He is capable to compose simple and melodious poem. He keeps the concept that poem should be as beautiful as life. There will be unjust if we accept him as only poet of his great contribution to epic. He is very active to raise educational awareness from lower secondary, secondary to university level in Pokhara. For his great contribution to literary work, the government of Nepal has nominated him as respected secretary member post of Nepal Dramatic Academician. He has involved in several educational institutions as an executive member and now-a-days, he is ever active in Shree Bindabashini religious area Development Committee. Similarly, he is active in the field of Nepali literature, art and culture since long time. His involvement is necessary in every field of Pokhara. Therefore, each people and class wants to take advice and help to make plan and policy. He is the teacher of writing respect letter and letter of felicitation. We cannot limit his contribution to spread the importance of Pokhara in national and international level. In a nutshell, we can say “he is a person having multidimensional.”

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