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Academician Sarubhakta

Academician Sarubhakta

            Sarubhakta is famous in the field of Nepali literature. He is the eldest son among five sons of Ganesh Bahadur Shrestha and Laxmi Shrestha. He was born in 2012 B.S. at Bagbazzar ward no.1, Pokhara. Literary figure Sarubhakta has written several story book, poem, song, novel, drama more than his age. His literary life is not only quantities but also qualitative. As a result, his most of the literary works have been awarded and famous. He has got prestigious ‘Madan prize’ of Nepal in 2048 B.S. on his novel’ Pagal Basti’. He is the writer of non-proudy. Most of his works are practicable and he has written several realistic books. He is the director, actor and writer also in the field of drama. Beside these, Sarubhakta has written several novels, drama, stories in the field of creation of science literature. For his great contribution and dedication to Nepali literature the government of Nepal appointed him as an academician member of Nepal Academician Academy in 2061-62 B.S. and supreme chamber post of Nepal  Music-Drama Academician Academy in 2071-74 B.S.

As works, he has published collection of Muktak Bandhakhamvitra in 2035 B.S. After that, he has published 41 books till 2070 B.S. His famous works are Bandhakhamvittra, Samay  Trasdi, Pagalbasti, Tarunikheti, Nimabiya, Itihas vitrako Itihas, Ek Avinavko Aatmakatha, Ithar, Jayanmaya, Chuli, Padarthako geet, Manvari Matovari and Haajar Buddhaharu. He is as famous as his creation and character. Sarubhakta is not limited in creation area but also became famous in social as well as human life as an honest, hermit and struggle man. Moreover, he is not only a writer but also an expounder of man having helpful character in the field of literary work. He is successful writer though he hasn’t made his creativity as business. He has given a lot to other but didn’t take revenge from others. Therefore, he is the dear writer of all and got several prizes and honors. He is the founder of ‘Rastriya Balprativa Puraskar’.To give support for his creativity, devotion and his eager to literary, in the initiation of his well wishers they have established ‘Literary Sarubhakta concerned Centre Nepal’ in 2060 B.S. That organization has conducted website to give his detail information about Sarubhakta since 10 years ago. While talking about literary area of Pokhara he is known by contributing a lot in the field of literary work. While talking about sarubhakta, dozens of thesis were written upon his personality and work and Dr Laxmisharan Adhikari has done PhD on Analysis of ‘Sarubhakta’s tendency of Novel’. These works should be watched specifically.

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