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Pragya Durga Baral

Pragya Durga Baral

            Durga Baral was born on 25th Chaitra 1999 B.S in Arawa, Kaski. He painted in the party and wall of house from his childhood. His great interest is to paint a picture. That’s why, he became the greatest painter of Nepal. He was famous in different sectors of painting. He has great contribution to make Pokhara the native land of painting. Even Durga Baral has great contribution to make Pokhara”The school of water colour”. He was one of the greatest painter as well as famous and successful cartoonist. From the long time he has painted the cartoon satire in the name of Batsayan. He is also the cartoonist of greatest National Newspaper ‘Kantipur’. By birth, he was Arawali but fortune made him typical Pokhrali. Some of his famous paintings are Chhadik Mirtyu, Chowk and Tamsuk. He was not only a painter but also an honest actor. He never paints for money. His main feature was to deliver the message and make people aware with the help of painting. That’s why he is praised and awarded by Siromani Award, Pokhreli Nav Ratna Award, Basudev Luitel Award, Narayan Bahadur Sigh Smriti Award etc. He established ‘Lalitkala Award’ contributing in the area of painting. He is also the member of Pragya Subba.

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